Big problems need big solutions.

BellBird works with companies and philanthropists to redefine what it means to give back. It's about funding the solution, not the problem.

Stimulate innovative solutions to big problems by creating a Charitable Impact Fund with BellBird.  We foster the creation of Charitable Impact Funds that are: 


Charitable Impact Funds draw talent and attention to problems where existing solutions are not enough. You can activate a larger giving community when you open your Fund to other supporters


When you create a Charitable Impact Fund, we guide you in selecting outcome metrics that are appropriate for the problem you want to address. We report on the results generated by your Fund, so you know the return on your investment.


Charitable Impact Funds support social enterprises that are actively working to solve the problem you care about. Returns generated from these investments are recycled back into your Fund so they can be used to generate even more results.

Why BellBird ?

BellBird is a software platform used by individuals, companies, and communities for effective and focused charitable giving.

We drive social returns. We provide technical assistance to ensure your Fund is designed for maximum effect. This means determining achievable outcomes and attracting other contributors to your Fund.

We bridge the gap between giving and distributing funds. Complex social issues cannot be solved by single interventions or organizations. BellBird Charitable Impact Funds bring thought-leaders and organizations  together to make a bigger impact on a defined problem. Your contributions support innovative solutions that can deliver the results you want to see. 

"If you're going to create real impact,
it has to be done with the same
focus and level of intensity as your business."

//Scott Tatleman, STATE

How it works


Schedule a consultation

We offer an initial consultation to explore the problem you want to address and how we can help achieve your desired results. When you decide to move forward, we work with you to define your Fund structure, size, and giving community.

Make a seed investment

Seed contributions, or pledges, should be big enough to have meaningful impact.

Launch your Fund

The launch includes communication support and crowdfunding - defined by you.


Invest in solutions

You can make investments and grants from your Charitable Impact Fund to vetted social enterprises, community coalitions, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits who are best suited to achieve the desired outcome.


Receive reports on your impact

We measure and report on the impact your Fund is making.

How does BellBird manage funds ?

When you seed a Charitable Impact Fund with BellBird, you have the assurance that your dollars are making a real impact. Other than your initial tax-deductible seed contribution, there are no additional fees required to start a Fund*.

Let us be your ‘hype guy.’ When you open your Fund to the public, we generate awareness and community giving to solve your defined problem. This buzz creates energy and attracts talent to your issue.  

We engage other supporters in the investment process. Our platform helps you get input from donors and experts in the field.  Fund distributions are made to the organizations, social enterprises, and entrepreneurs who are best able to build and grow solutions for sustained impact. 

*Our costs are paid for by the Charitable Impact Fund. They may include Fund design, direct impact investment, distributions, and impact reporting.  Our costs usually represent less than 2% of a Fund, depending on the size and appeal of the issue.

Charitable Impact Funds awaiting investment

If you are looking to put your financial resources directly towards solving problems, make a pledge toward one of our Funds that need seeding.

Support community wealth building through social enterprise.

Social enterprises create jobs, attract talent, and create solutions for important community problems. Many social enterprises fail to launch or grow their businesses due to limited or restricted resources.

Boost rural economic vitality

 We depend on our rural communities to produce our food, tend to the environment, and hold our small-town values.

Support person-centered, intentional aging.

 By 2025, there will be more seniors than children living in this country. New community models are needed to support this demographic shift so that we can all afford to age with dignity.

Ready to make a real impact?

When you seed a Charitable Impact Fund,
you define the problem and advise on Fund distributions.

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